Northwave's Veloce Extreme: A Game-Changer in Road Cycling with Filippo Ganna

Northwave's Veloce Extreme: A Game-Changer in Road Cycling with Filippo Ganna

In the high-octane world of pro road cycling, innovation isn't just a bonus; it's essential for victory. We, at Northwave, a leader in cutting-edge cycling gear and accessories, have seriously upped the ante with their latest creation, the Veloce Extreme. This isn't just a step up in cycling performance – it's a massive leap.

Working closely with the ace cyclist and Olympic gold medallist, Filippo Ganna, we have developed the Veloce Extreme, redefining what a cycling shoe can be. It's a striking testament to our relentless pursuit of top-notch quality. Made entirely in Italy, this top-tier road shoe is a brilliant blend of seasoned know-how, artistic design flair, and top-shelf materials, all coming together to give cyclists an unprecedented advantage.

The Power of Powershape HT Sole

At the heart of the Veloce Extreme's unmatched performance is its groundbreaking Powershape HT sole. This peak of engineering brilliance offers a massive 4% boost in power output compared to previous models, a huge edge in a sport where power is everything. Developed from thorough biomechanical research, the sole is crafted to reduce energy wastage in every pedal stroke, boosting efficiency and power.

A Shoe Crafted from a Champion's Wisdom

Filippo Ganna isn't just a trial rider for Northwave; he's a key player in the development of the Veloce Extreme. His unique insight and incredible power have been crucial in moulding this shoe into an essential tool for cyclists. Ganna's thorough testing across countless races and thousands of kilometres stands as proof of the Veloce Extreme's capability for top-tier performance.

Sleek Design Meets Supreme Comfort

The Veloce Extreme isn't just about raw power. It's a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship - sleek, stylish, and extremely practical. The shoe's micro-perforated upper, teamed up with the patented SLW3 closure system, ensures a flawless fit with no discomfort. The innovative dual-zone closure allows for precise fit adjustments. In the Veloce Extreme, comfort and high performance are in perfect harmony.

Revolutionary Tech, Stripped Down Under

Every bit of the Veloce Extreme highlights Northwave's dedication to leading-edge innovation, Aussie style. From the 100% unidirectional carbon Powershape HT sole, with a stiffness index off the charts at 15, to the advanced ARS 2.0 tech for top-notch foot support, every component works together to deliver performance that's second to none.

Ready to Take on the World

The Veloce Extreme is more than just a pair of shoes; it's a testament to our dedication to top-notch quality. Available in a sleek white and classic black, and weighing in at just 295 grams (size 42), these shoes are set to take the cycling world by storm. They're not just designed for winning; they're crafted for those cyclists who demand nothing but the best.

With the launch of the Veloce Extreme, we're doubling down on our commitment to pushing the limits of cycling gear innovation. Whether you're aiming for Olympic glory or simply enjoying the buzz of the ride, the Veloce Extreme is your ticket to unparalleled performance. Embrace the future of cycling with Northwave's Veloce Extreme.

FAQs About Northwave's Veloce Extreme: The Filippo Ganna Edition

Q: What makes the Northwave Veloce Extreme stand out in the world of professional road cycling?

The Northwave Veloce Extreme, developed in collaboration with Olympic gold medallist Filippo Ganna, represents a significant advancement in cycling footwear. It's not just an improvement but a massive leap in cycling performance. The shoe combines Italian craftsmanship, innovative design, and top-quality materials, offering cyclists an unprecedented advantage in terms of power, efficiency, and comfort.

Q: How does the Powershape HT sole in the Veloce Extreme enhance cycling performance?

The Powershape HT sole is a key feature of the Veloce Extreme, providing a groundbreaking 4% increase in power output compared to previous models. This sole is the result of extensive biomechanical research and is designed to minimize energy wastage with each pedal stroke. This enhancement in efficiency and power is crucial in a sport where every bit of energy counts.

Q: What role did Filippo Ganna play in the development of the Veloce Extreme, and how does it benefit cyclists?

Filippo Ganna was instrumental in the development of the Veloce Extreme, contributing his unique insights and exceptional power as a top cyclist. His extensive testing over numerous races and thousands of kilometres has shaped the Veloce Extreme into a high-performance tool essential for cyclists. Ganna's involvement ensures that the shoe meets the rigorous demands of professional cycling, offering comfort, efficiency, and a competitive edge.