Cycling Shoe Fit Guide

In the world of cycling shoes, not all designs are the same! This handy cycling shoe fit guide explains the difference between the three types of Northwave fits - regular, wide and all-mountain. Use this helpful cycling shoes fitting guide to understand which design is best for your comfort, performance and needs.

Tests on hundreds of feet and countless trials have created the perfect shape for transferring 100% of your power straight to the pedals. The toe is designed to be just the right size to prevent any numbness, while the slightly set-back instep and the special snug-fitting design of the heel hold the foot in place during every pedal stroke and prevent any slipping.

The same features as the Regular shape but customized for people who need a wider fit or feel cramped wearing the standard shape.

Specially designed for all-mountain wear. This shape transfers the power to the pedals but also has a wider sole, larger toe and more spacious heel so shoes feel just as great when walking.

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