The Northwave Forest starts breathing with the Treedom Project.

The Northwave Forest starts breathing with the Treedom Project.


Madagascar, Tanzania, Ecuador, Colombia. Northwave has chosen these wonderful countries to give its contribution to a greener, more sustainable and better world, by donating, on the World Environment Day (June 5th) - a forest of 200 trees that will absorb 78,750kg of CO2 per year.

The project, in collaboration with Treedom, is for Northwave (whose values are inspired by the mountains and their love for it) a further step towards a better future. “This love for the mountains inspires us and makes us proud of what we create every day to nurture the passion for sports that inspire ourselves and all the people who choose Northwave” says Davide Rossetti, Northwave General Manager.

How does the project work?
Treedom was born in 2010 with the aim of allowing anyone to have the chance to donate trees and follow their history online (each Treedom tree has its own online page and it is geolocated and photographed). In 10 years the project has been an amazing success: in fact, more than 2,000,000 trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. All trees are planted and cared for directly by local farmers; so that the project contributes to environmental, social and economic benefits.

“A forest is much more than a collection of plants, it is at the same time rationality and mystery. It is Mother Earth. Losing the forests would mean losing ourselves, hurting ourselves deeply. The forest is a silent teacher who speaks to us through nature; the same nature in which Northwave was born and cultivates its passion, whether on a bike or on a snow board". These are the words by which Northwave wanted to tell its motivations for the project and give its concrete support. "Because the sustainable path is dotted with many actions and small steps", says Davide Rossetti, first promoter of the project in Northwave, who continues: "This is why we at Northwave believe in the importance of the Treedom project: a small action that can change everyone's life in better".