From tires to soles, from cars to bikes. Northwave was the first cycling brand to strongly believe in the cooperation with Michelin Technical Soles. The core of the partnership is matching Michelin tires’ tecnhnology and Northwave’s shoe know-how. The result was the creation of truly innovative soles, designed to increase the performance of offroad technical shoes, featuring a technical and original design. The technology developed by Michelin for its tires has brought an exceptional added value to further improve Northwave shoes’ performance. It is a new partnership, but it is growing impressively fast, mainly because the two parties strongly believe in the same core values: research, technology, innovation.


100% realised in unidirectional carbon fiber, it's the outcome of biomechanical studies to locate materials only where actually needed for maximum efficiency, so to be able to combine very low weight and extreme rigidity. The sole’s sculptures are realized through the innovative Dual Layers Compound Technology, atom-by-atom bonded softer and harder compounds to increase flexibility, stability and adherence: the first provides maximum flexibility, acting like an independent suspension, while the second is tougher and more resistant, for improved traction and endurance. Aggressive sculptures in the toe and heel areas provide the ideal grip and traction, while the side sculptures are there to guarantee stability, and are melted into the soles structure for unprecedented resistance.


Northwave developed this sole with Michelin Technical Soles to combine XC performance with the traction to walk securely on any terrain. The calibrated stiffness midsole unleashes pure power in the pedal area, while the more flexible medial zone makes it feel great when walking. The tread, whose pattern is inspired by two Michelin off-road tyres, and the outer shell are made from 100% Michelin rubber which is 28% more wear resistant than TPU and delivers excellent grip in all weathers.


Inspired to the technical characteristics of two popular Michelin tires: Wild Dig’R and Country Rock, it's realized with two different compounds (Dual Compound), softer in the inner part for better grip, a harder and more resistant one on the outside for improved shielding from abrasions and wear, X-Fire features aggressive sculptures in the toes area for optimal traction even on loose terrain, while those in the heel area help to improve grip and stability when the foot hits the ground. The cleat area – with extended adjustment range for greater versatility – was conceived with a special design for faster clipping and better grip. In addition, Northwave X-Crossbow construction extends the heel area’s elasticity, improving the shoe’s shock absorption.



Northwave developed this all-mountain sole with Michelin Technical Soles. Inspired by two MTB tyres, the tread pattern features a large number of edges and smaller tread blocks for maximum traction on all surfaces and increased self-cleaning ability. This top-of-the-range sole is designed with the X-Crossbow double crossbow construction for incredible foot support and impressive shock absorption in the heel area. The inner insert gradually moulds to the foot for optimal stiffness when riding but enhanced comfort when walking, ensuring a top-flight response in any situation.

Michelin Sole Technology

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